Angel Readings & Angel Therapy

Did you know that everyone has at least two Guardian Angels that they have had with them since birth? Our angels are with us at all times and are there to guide us on our path through life. Our angels can be called upon at any time to help us; all you need to do is ask!

When you get an angel reading you are requested to bring with you a metal object that belongs to you that has a lot of your energy on it.  Examples include a watch, ring or other piece of jewelry.
Readings are done using psychometry (holding something that belongs to the person getting a reading) and also with Angel Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue, PhD.

During a typical angel reading you will:

  • Communicate with your guardian angels and spirit guides
  • Connect to loved ones in the spirit world (mediumship)
  • Learn how the angels can help you fulfill your life’s purpose
  • Receive divine guidance concerning relationships, career, finances, medical issues and other life challenges

Readings are by appointment only.  Readings can be recorded if desired. 

30 minute reading         $75
60 minute reading         $125

Readings can also be done over the phone, Facetime, Skype or Zoom.  Call for details. 

To make an appointment please call or text 805-889-2920

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