"Best facial ever!"
-Maria G
Portland, OR

"I wanted to share something that came up this morning, related to the Angel reading you gave me.  Your first comment was that you kept seeing a great big green Buddha and me sitting cross-legged doing yoga.  I had no yoga practice but told you I was considering doing a 40 day personal revolution course, based on the yoga taught by Baron Baptiste.  It was to start Jan. 20th and while I hadn't signed up, you assured me I'd get a spot (which I did). I also wanted to look for that green Buddha.  I had the kick-off meeting for the 40 day course last evening.  I actually got up at 5:00 am this morning to meditate for five minutes and then went to the 6:00 am yoga class.  When I was putting my coat away and turned around, I looked up and was staring at a very large, smiling jade green Buddha that was sitting on top of a shelf behind the small reception area.  It hit me what you had told me and gave me a feeling that I'm in the right place and doing the right thing for myself.  So..from very cold Toronto,  I wanted to share that with you and say a quick hello and thank you and wish you all the best in the New Year."
-Susan G
Toronto, Canada

My fiance' and I went to Ojai for Valentines Day. We planned a couples massage in the morning of our departure since the day before we biked to Ventura. Jenny and Sharon were excellent."
-Shannon L
Newport Beach, CA

"This was one of the best massages I have ever had.  I went in with a problem that was beginning in my shoulder, neck and upper back area and asked for a deep tissue massage with concentration on  the shoulder area.  Jenny obviously knows the muscles in the human body and how to massage out the stress.  I frequently develop stress and pain points in that shoulder area and try to get a massage as soon as possible so it doesn't develop into something worse.  Jenny was kind enough to make room for me at the end of the day and completely eliminated my pain.  Usually it takes multiple sessions to fix my shoulder - Jenny was able to get me back to normal with one massage."
-Dolores G
Ojai, CA

"Good massage for a reasonable price. All the products used on me smelled great.  The lip and brow wax were totally PAIN FREE!"
-Wadi H
Ojai, CA

To make an appointment please call or text 805-889-2920


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